01 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII

So it’s a no-brainer that I’ll be picking up Final Fantasy XIII next week when it launches, but I still haven’t decided which console to get it for. I love the 360, especially the controller, but I hear the PS3 will have a bit of an edge this time around when it comes to graphics and sound. The PS3 version fits on one disc and is said to be around 38gb in size. The 360, with it’s games still on regular DVDs will require a bagĀ  just to carry all the discs. I’m kidding. It’s been compressed to fit on 3 DVDs and totals around 18gb. So they managed to get it to be 20gb smaller than the PS3 version, makes ya wonder how much quality was sacrificed to accomplish this feat. Or maybe they were just lazy on the PS3 version and wanted to leave it huge just to say hey, we’re bigger so that means we’re better!

I might have to wait a couple extra days and see what The Lens of Truth has to report about the differences before I pick this one up. Another factor to consider will be load times. I’ve found the 360 to be much faster with loading than the PS3, especially since I can install games to the hard drive.


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