23 Mar

Information Security

These days with everything being computerized it’s both wonderful and scary at the same time. You can do your banking and pay your bills from the comfort of your computer chair, you can book movie tickets in advance, in some places you can even renew your license online. This level of convenience brings a certain measure of risk along with it however, as hackers and malware programs can attempt to steal your vital information. Whether it be credit card numbers or social security info, you need to keep your information safe.

So there’s a growing job market out there for people with a Masters of Science in Information Security, a program offered at the Lewis University. Even better is that you can take these courses online! It’s great for people like me who have a full time job and a family, going back to traditional school just isn’t possible. But spending a few hours a night doing online study, after the kid is in bed and the housework is done, is a great way to expand my career options.

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