24 Mar

Just Cause 2

I’ve had the demo for this sitting on my PS3 for a while now but never got around to trying it out. But after seeing it in Walmart for only $39.83 last night I decided it was time to fire up the demo and see if the game is worth getting. It’s not often that new games come out at such a low price but usually the ones that do are actually great games. Batman Arkham Asylum and Borderlands both launched at the $40 price point and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

Just Cause 2 looks like another great one from the little bit I played. The demo alone is massive, I hit the map screen and zoomed out and holy crap is the game world ever huge. The controls are decent enough but the switching of weapons seems a little clunky since you have fire buttons for each hand. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. The star of the show seems to be the grappling hook though. I left town and was running down the road, I noticed my crosshairs changed when I aimed at a tree in the distance. I fired my grapple and sure enough it latched onto the tree and suddenly I was flying across the ground toward the tree! Nice, it was faster than walking but certainly no ticket to quick weight loss but it was fun so I kept grappling from tree to tree until I got to the next village where I promptly started blowing stuff up. Then I ran out of bullets so I grappled away down the hill and made my escape. Then my 30 minutes was up so I deleted the demo and went out to buy the game.


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