24 Mar

Too Much Change

Change can be a good thing. Too much change is typically a bad thing. Unless it’s the clinky clink type of change you find in your pocket at the end of every day and throw it into a can or bottle and forget about it. Do this on a daily basis and eventually you’ll look into the can and go ‘damn, that’s a lot of change’. I’ve got 3 cans full of change right now and I’m sure it’s at least a couple hundred bucks. I’m just too lazy to roll it up and bring it to the bank, so there it sits. Rolling money isn’t fun. I need one of those machines you dump a handful into and it does all the work for you. Maybe I have enough change here to buy one of those machines. Vicious circle I seem to be stuck in eh?! I want fun things to do. Some people find it fun to sit around googling strange words like phentermine, I find it more fun to play games whenever I have some spare time. And right about now is some spare time so I’m off to play me some games before I fall asleep at my desk. Damn 7am comes waaaay too early.


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