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30 Apr


A couple years ago or so when I was playing MTGO (Magic Online) quite regularly, I was running a couple bots to buy and sell cards whenever I wasn’t using my computer for other things. It was a good way to build my personal collection, but then they released MTGO v3 and all the existing […]

25 Apr


Parenthood is a new show that just started recently – in fact I think only 4 episodes so far. I had thought it was going to be a sappy show – but it turned out to be pretty good. I think I only started watching it because it had that Gilmore Girls – Roralie in […]

22 Apr

Movie Rentals

Man! i’m really losing my hair – best to get some hair loss cure really soon – because if we continue to have crooks for customers – i would definitely be bald really soon. I had just written about a game that was rented and not returned to us for over a month. Today a […]

19 Apr

cod modern warfare 2

I don’t even want to get started but some people are just a pain and definitely need some Acneticin. Why? they are not only crooks but they are crooks that are so ignorant – you really wanna smack them. A crook rented a game from us a month ago and instead of returning it and […]

16 Apr

Lots of new M:TG Players in town

Lately it seems like every day there’s at least one person in looking through the Magic cards I have for sale. This is great since before that I’d only get one or two people a month buying cards! Looks like a couple people started playing and now all their friends are starting as well, and […]

11 Apr

Case 39

Looking at my system memory, i didn’t think i have enough room in my computer to bring this movie to watch during lunch – so i only managed to see it yesterday night with the spouse. Renee Zellweger was in it and I for one thought it was a chick flick and had hope for […]

08 Apr

Enough with the Motion controls!

God damn it Microsoft and Sony, just because everyone went ape shit over the stupid Wii and it’s motion controls doesn’t mean you need to do it too! You know what? I own a Wii, and a 360 and a PS3. The Wii hasn’t been used in months while the 360 and PS3 get used […]

07 Apr

Halifax Trio In Town

Funny name eh? Rain Over St Ambrose will be in town to play their collection of songs. Cory Leblanc writes his own son and plays the drum, bet he must have had some over the counter sleep aids since he must have been too excited working on them. The group, which also features Cory’s brother […]

05 Apr

Free Tech Support

We received a call from someone asking for tech support for his computer he had just bought a few days ago. Well, of course – we must help if you had bought it a few days ago – hell! even if you caught a virus after a few days – we will still take care […]

03 Apr

Old Dogs

Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta was hilarious – we watched it like last week but was too busy to write a review for it. So where it is – because I can’t go to sleep – no matter what I do – some sleeping pills is needed here. Anyhow, I do like […]

02 Apr

Stand For Your iPad

Designed not only for the savvy you but also as an outdoor décor don’t you think? This Joule work stand for the iPad is not only stable but has a solid base but made so simple with clean and elegant design. Easier to use and it sure makes your iPad stands out when you need […]

01 Apr

Video Games & Your Kids

When your kid goes to a video store and buys a “M” rated game, do you blame it on the video store owners or do you teach your kid not to lie and not to do something you don’t approve of? As a parent myself, I asked myself what i would have done in that […]