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28 May

My Cafe World bugged?

I tried to bling up my cafe in Cafe World on facebook but for some reason it won’t let me buy any more solid gold stoves! I have 4 or 5 that I bought a long time ago but now when I try to buy more they’re all greyed out. I can buy all the […]

11 May

Cafe World’s New Menu

For someone who plays Cafe World on facebook for a long time now – i know they said that Cafe World is still on beta – but they keep changing things every few days – this morning – i found that they changed the menu too.  Mannn!!  they really have to give it a break  […]

08 May

Windows 7 Starter

So we just bought a netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it  – we are so used to our Windows Vista in our old netbook – we find that the Starter comes with limitations.  You see you can’t even change it’s wallpaper for one and you can only run concurrent applications on a PC at […]

05 May

Cordless Alarm Clock

We are always looking out for high tech stuff – just like the wife looking for  best diet pill all the time –  so when we saw this recommended at Apartment Therapy  – of course – the wife also had to take a look at it.  She is like the kind who wants to look […]