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24 Jun

All Facebook Games are Alike

Every time I fire up a new Facebook game I can’t help but feel that I’ve played it before. Sure the graphics are different and the names of things are similar but not quite the same. But the basics are identical. Click on something and energy gets used. When energy is gone you have to […]

24 Jun

Take it With You

I used to bring my xbox 360 hard drive to work with me from time to time so I’d have access to my library of Rock Band songs available in the store when I had it running on demo. Now I’ve got all my save games and most of my Rock Band songs on a […]

18 Jun

Drafting in MTGO

Tonight I’m taking part in my first draft in MTGO. After looking through the tournament types I finally settled on an M10 Swiss draft. This way I get to play all 3 rounds whether I win or lose, and at the end I win a booster pack for each match that I won. Plus I […]

05 Jun

Snooping results

I went out snooping today to see what’s up at Movie Gallery and as suspected they aren’t selling stretchmarks creams. They also don’t have new releases from the last 2 or 3 weeks, the newest they had was The Spy Next Door and Extraordinary Measures. No sign of Alice in Wonderland, Wolfman, Dear John or […]

04 Jun

Movie Gallery Closing Here Too?

I’ve heard rumors lately that Movie Gallery here in Canada may not be doing too well either despite saying that their Canadian operations will be unaffected by their US stores ALL closing.  The one here in town has apparently not had any new releases in the last month.  Tonight I called them to see if […]

03 Jun

Printer from the Power Company

It wasn’t completely free if I remember right, but they did cover 75% of the replacement cost. A number of years ago there was a power surge at work and it killed my receipt printer. One of the girls called the power company to complain and they verified that a surge had taken place due […]

02 Jun

Tokens tokens tokens

Another old favorite Magic deck of mine was a squirrel deck. It wasn’t all squirrels since there were only a couple squirrel generators back then, but Waiting in the Weeds, Snake Basket and Liege of the Hollows guaranteed that you’d have quite a pack of rodents out pretty quickly. There’s even more token stuff out […]

02 Jun

You Gonna Use That Land?

That’s what I titled my most recent Magic deck in MTGO. You Gonna Use That Land?. It’s a blue/green land wrecker deck. Green stuff destroys it, blue stuff turns it into islands or causes pain when you tap it. I keep having mana problems of my own with it though despite having 20 lands in […]

01 Jun

24 Season 8 Finale

So it was 24 Season 8 Finale a few days ago – that I’ve watched – and thought to myself – mann!  Jack Baur need some acne scar removal – hahah!  so yes ! once again – Jack Bauer’s didn’t die – even though he was shot and stabbed.  Normally, anyone else would have been […]