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30 Jul

Still sucking at Online Drafts

I’ve decided that while I’m not giving up completely on drafting online, I’m going to stick to Swiss drafts so I’ll at least get to play all 3 rounds, win or lose. Since making that decision I seem to be doing a little better. I bought 3 packs and drafted a few days ago, winning […]

18 Jul

First M11 Draft

Took part in an M11 draft last night, I drafted mostly red and could have done mono-red but splashed in a little green for extra beefy creatures to use with Fling. I built the deck around 2 Chandra’s Spitfire, 2 Fling, 2 Fireball, 1 Lightning Bolt and some random red & green critters. Awakener Druid […]

15 Jul

My First Truck

I’ve been saying it for years now but I finally got around to doing it, I got myself a truck. Just a small one, a Ford Ranger, and it was cheap. The truck itself was only $600 and it didn’t need much work to get it road legal. Technically it was already legal since the […]

15 Jul

Crackin’ Boxes

My shipment of Magic 2011 (M11) came in today so I immediately started cracking open booster packs, it’s fun opening new packs from a new set, even better than Swisher Sweets. The first 2 boxes were disappointing, lots of good cards but none of the high value ones, so I went ahead and opened a […]

14 Jul

Magic 2011

I’ve opened a couple boxes of M11 so far but it’s been a little disappointing overall from a retail stand point. No, I haven’t broken street date and I won’t be selling the singles until Friday, it’s just easier to get them open and ready ahead of time. No Baneslayer Angel, no Primeval Titan, no […]

11 Jul

“M” For Mature Games

We are very careful these days when it comes to selling “M” rated games – “M” rated means mature games – that sometimes include violence, nudity and blood/killing. We are careful – not only because it is by law we cannot sell “M” rated games to minor but we cannot in good conscience turn a […]

08 Jul

Hung – Season 1

Started watching this new show called Hung recently, the first season was pretty short and season 2 has already started on TV so I guess it must have had decent ratings. It’s not quite what I was expecting but the show is enjoyable enough. Basically there’s this school coach who is hurting for cash and […]

08 Jul

Busy around the House

Damn it’s been a hot summer so far and it’s barely started! Temperatures have been over 25 celcius already pretty much every day for the last week, but stuff needs to get done regardless of how hot it is. Mowed the lawn, put up the trampoline for the kid, started putting up a frame around […]

06 Jul

Good Vs. Evil in Games

I’m one of those people who tends to behave in a game like I do in real life. Take Bioshock 2 for instance. You pick up a little sister and have a choice of adopting her or harvesting her for Adam. I always pick adopt. then I run around and do a couple gatherings and […]

05 Jul

Bioshock 2: Forgot I Had It

After finishing off Final Fantasy XIII I headed to my game shelf to see what I should work on next. I only had a few achievements left to get in Lego Indiana Jones so I blew through those in a couple of hours and then looked again. I settled on Bioshock 2, a game I […]