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23 Aug

Moving Magic night

Having our little Magic tournaments on Saturday night just doesn’t seem to be working out that well. It started good, 10 people showed up, but then the next week only 5 and then the following week only 3. The problem is that the other shop in town plays Saturday afternoon, so by the time they […]

17 Aug

Time for New Shoes again

I hate sneakers these days, it takes forever to find a good comfortable pair and then they typically don’t even last a year regardless of how much they cost. And what’s with all the fanciness now? Air pockets here and there. Now if I get the bottom of my right sneaker wet it proceeds to […]

14 Aug

First DCI Tournament

Tonight was the first DCI sanctioned tournament at my store and overall I’d call it a success. 10 people showed up and had a good time. I placed 7th, the deck I built wasn’t very good. Even though I had play-tested an online version of it, I couldn’t find all the cards I needed out […]

10 Aug

Lots of Leftover Junk

The problem with owning a business that’s evolved several times during it’s 11 year life is the accumulated junk from things you’ve tried out that in the end just didn’t sell well enough to continue carrying. One good example is costume jewelery. I had found a place to get wholesale jewelry at just a few […]

10 Aug

Tunes in the Car

I feel like I wasted nearly a thousand bucks a few years back when I bought my new car. I opted for the Audiophile package that included an in-dash 6 disc CD changer and supposedly better than average speakers. I’m pretty happy with the speakers really, but the 6 disc changer rarely gets used since […]