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25 Sep

They Never Write Back

Mary Johnson wrote to me by email saying she needs my help. It was a pitiful email indeed, seeing that her mother and father were killed and she fears for her own life due to a large sum of money that her father had acquired, which is now hers. I can take whatever I want […]

22 Sep

Tired of Slow Decks

Yep, most of the decks I’ve been building can be fun to play, but they don’t tend to do much for the first few turns. They often get run over by speedy little Elf or burn decks, the type that need radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets while on their way to kill me. So […]

20 Sep

Rebuilding Squirrels Ahoy

It used to have more than just squirrels in it, there were cats and snakes as well, and probably some other little critters I’m forgetting about now. And green lordish type things like Kaysa and Juniper Order Druid. The new version is going to be entirely squirrels if possible, with Doubling Season and some planeswalkers. […]

20 Sep

Stupid Colds Again

The kid is back in school for less than 2 weeks and already the whole family is sick with a cold, lovely. At least I got to enjoy a pretty much sickness free summer even though the kid was in day camp a few days a week with a bunch of other kids. I guess […]

18 Sep

Scars of Mirrodin

Another Magic set is almost upon us and the spoilers are running rampant. So far this set is looking absolutely powerful. Lots of “new” mechanics, I say new because while Infect looks new it’s really just a combination of 2 old mechanics; wither and poison. Proliferate looks like it will be insane with Planeswalkers, and […]

17 Sep

Computer Upgrades!

After using the same gear for the better part of 3 years I’ve finally gotten some upgrades for my computer. I was still running an old Athlon X2 5200+ CPU with 2Gb of RAM, now I’m up to a Phenom X4 3.2ghz with 3gb of RAM. The new motherboard still only runs DDR2 though, would […]

16 Sep

DJ Hero

Someone brought a used copy of DJ Hero with the turntable into my store the other day to sell so I ended up bringing it home for a while to try it out. No big surprise there, it’s one of the things I love about my job. Getting to play games for free (sometimes I […]

15 Sep

Another Fish Goes Belly Up

Goldie (actually a Betta) #2 has gone belly up. Thinking that since the kid is now 6 years old maybe she could handle the idea that her fish has actually died instead of us having to go out and buy another one to replace it. “Why is Goldie red now instead of blue? That’s because […]

07 Sep

The Titanic

I’ve finally done it! I built the deck I’ve been thinking of since M11 was released. The Titanic. It was originally 20 Titans and 40 ways to get mana onto the table. Now it’s 20 Titans, 4 Clones, 4 Rite of Replication and 32 ways to get mana onto the table. It’s almost always a […]

07 Sep

Big Bed

When we bought this house a few years back we decided it was time to retire the old queen size water bed frame with regular mattress stuffed inside. It was time for a new bed so we opted for a King size this time. The frame was an easy choice, Sears had one on sale […]

02 Sep

Studying up on Magic Rules

I’ve been so out of touch with Magic over the last (great) number of years and so many changes have been made to the game that it took a while to really get back into and know what was going on. I’ve pretty much caught up on everything so I decided to take the Rules […]