07 Sep

The Titanic

I’ve finally done it! I built the deck I’ve been thinking of since M11 was released. The Titanic. It was originally 20 Titans and 40 ways to get mana onto the table. Now it’s 20 Titans, 4 Clones, 4 Rite of Replication and 32 ways to get mana onto the table. It’s almost always a blast to play but sometimes it’s too slow and gets flattened by fast weenie decks.

Actually it’s not 100% complete though, I still need to do a little green shopping, as in, I still need 3 Primeval Titans. I feel they’re not the best Titan in the deck though since by the time I can cast 1 Titan I have enough mana on the board to cast any of them. Greenie does thin out the deck though so I have a better chance of drawing more Titans instead of land once I get on a roll.

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