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27 Oct

It’s Almost Here

Ugh, I just realized that since Halloween is just a few days away, that means the Christmas season is just around the corner as well. So once again I’ll be stuck putting up a tree, stringing lights, hanging Christmas wreaths and going bat-shit crazy at work because it’s our busiest time of the year. That […]

27 Oct

Rock Band 3 Creation stuff

Tonight after playing a bunch of songs I remembered that I still needed to customize a character and create a band and stuff in Rock Band 3. So I set about re-creating Kalamaf & his band Karnage, complete with new logo that sports a crappy looking little town underneath a panther that breathes flaming motorcycles […]

26 Oct

Rock Band 3

Once again Canada got screwed in the release of Rock Band 3. I was able to find the game itself without any problems, but I couldn’t find any hardware at all. No keyboard bundles, no separate keyboard, no pro drum kits, no cymbal expansion kits for existing drums. Nothing. Just old Beatles bundles, old drums […]

26 Oct

New (used) video card

I’ve been using a Radeon X1950 PRO video card for about 4 years now. It was good when I got it and it was on sale for $199, so it was pretty cheap too. Only had 256mb RAM though so even though it would play most new games you just couldn’t crank up the graphics […]

23 Oct

Titanic Wave

Now that Genesis Wave is available on MTGO I’ve started working on a classic version of my Titanic deck. Why? Because it’s nice to bring a bunch of Titans in play at once with the Wave, but like a forgotten bottle of prenatal vitamins they aren’t much good if you don’t get to use them. […]

23 Oct

Draft Win/Lose

As expected I lost the next 2 rounds in my Sealed Scars event the other night, so I only won 3 packs. Last night I used those packs to do a draft, didn’t have a lot of time so I opted for a 4,3,2,2 instead of doing Swiss. I lost in the first round but […]

20 Oct

Scars Update

Scars release events started today in Magic Online so I joined a Sealed Swiss flight. I won my first 2 matches so I’m going to get at least 3 packs as a prize. By posting this of course, I’m going to lose my next 2 matches just because. I picked up a neat little combo […]

17 Oct

Scars of Mirrodin

I did one of the pre-release events for Scars of Mirrodin in Magic Online and had some pretty bad luck with the card pool. I did get a Koth though so that made up for the fact that I lost every match and didn’t win any packs. The Wurmcoil Engine promo card was nice too […]

09 Oct

Playstation Move

The Playstation Move is out now but I don’t plan to buy it. I’ve already had a used one come through my store but I didn’t even bother to bring it home to try it out. I put it out for sale and it was gone within an hour though, so people do want it, […]