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25 Nov

Black Friday Approaches

In fact, Black Friday is just hours away, so get your trampling shoes on and get ready to squish some heads! Meanwhile I’ll be safely (and enviously) checking out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday from the comfort (and safety) of my computer. I say enviously because I’m in Canada and we don’t get the […]

19 Nov

Yet Another new deck idea

I’ve managed to complete a playset of Dominus of Fealty and have been working on a “What’s yours is mine” deck. At first I was going to use sac outlets to just get rid of the stolen items, but then I re-read Bazaar Trader and decided to go with a steal & keep angle instead. […]

19 Nov

Exercise Gear

When we were up in the city on the weekend we got a great rate at the Sheraton Four Points hotel, $99 a night for a 3.5 star joint. While the wife & kid were in the pool I checked out the gym and tried some of the equipment. I’d like to get some stuff […]

18 Nov

Mini Vacation

If you can call 2 days a vacation then that’s what it was. We had some nice weather on the weekend so we headed up to Halifax so the wife could stock up on Chinese groceries since there’s very little available in town. While up there we of course had to go to Build A […]

04 Nov

Today I’m a Chicken Farmer

I’m also torturing myself by attempting to complete the achievements in Two Worlds on Xbox 360. I played and beat the game over a year ago but recently I was looking through my achievement list to see which ones I hadn’t completed yet and those last 3 are kinda nagging at me. The worst of […]

03 Nov

Rock Band 3 = Fun

I’m enjoying Rock Band 3 quite a bit so far. After some problems with calibration I finally found out why it wasn’t auto-calibrating. I thought my guitars were just messed up, but then when I tried 2 different guitars at work and they also didn’t work I knew something else must be going on. 4 […]