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25 Dec

Merry Christmas!

Had a pretty good Christmas this year, got myself a Kindle, which so far I’m really liking. Digital books are so much cheaper than real ones and they take up hardly any space. I look forward to selling off about 4 boxes full of novels that are taking up space in the basement and living […]

18 Dec


The latest time waster I’ve started playing on Facebook is CityVille. It’s pretty much like every other facebook game by Zynga. You get some money and energy points, you do a few things and then wait a while before you can do more things. But it’s kinda fun and about as addictive as the other […]

18 Dec

EQII Bug Biting Again

It happens every so often, I get the urge to hop back into an old game and see what’s new and who’s still playing. Today I’ve been thinking about EverQuest II again. I’ve missed 2 whole expansions since I last played, so I’m sure there’s a lot of new content. I’m also pretty sure that […]

15 Dec

iPod’s, I like ’em

We have no less than 3 iPod’s in the house currently, and another one in the car. The one in the car is there because the headphone jack is messed up, but I have one of those Belkin thingies that plug into the cigarette lighter and broadcast your iPod tunes through the car radio. It […]

14 Dec

Gotta be a Better Way

At work I’m using an old program for my retail sales and rentals. It works but lately I feel like it’s more work than is necessary. I’m thinking a barcode scanner would speed things up when entering new products in inventory, but really all it does is read the number that’s encoded in bar form. […]

12 Dec

Amazing Computer

A computer came in today to get some work done on it. Wasn’t booting up due to a hard drive config problem, something messed up with the raid settings as far as I can tell. Damn nice computer though, guy said he paid around $7000 for it last spring. I checked it out and it’s […]

11 Dec

Ordered a Kindle

I like to read but I don’t like paying over $30 for new release books. And they take up a lot of room! I’ve got a couple shelves of books in the living room, and a few boxes full stored in the basement. Chances are I’ll never re-read them so I should sell them off […]

02 Dec

Gift Cards Abound

Everywhere you look now there’s gift cards available for it. Department stores and restaurants, movies and music. Fat burners? I wouldn’t be surprised. Gaming has been taking off too, in a big way. It started with game time cards for games like Everquest and WoW. Then along came Xbox Live and Microsoft points. Sony and […]

02 Dec

CSI = Easy 1000 Gamerscore

I tried out one of the CSI games, Fatal Conspiracy, on the 360 this week and it was rather fun since it was quite different than what I usually play. It was pretty easy overall, once you get the hang of what you’re supposed to do as far as comparing evidence and testing things. I […]

01 Dec

Happy Birthday to Me

In just a couple more hours I’ll be 38. I don’t feel 38 though (or 37 at the moment), for the most part I still feel like a kid. I still love video games even though I can’t play for 10 hours straight like I used to though, the responsibilities of a 38 year old […]