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27 Jan

Two Worlds II

Finally! It’s here! And after playing about 5 hours I gotta say, I like it! It’s not as “open worldy” as the first one, but I haven’t had a problem with feeling boxed in. Whenever I’m running around working on a quest I nearly always get side tracked with exploring and finding things to kill. […]

25 Jan

Up – The Game

Yesterday the kid was home from school since she had a cold. She came to work with us as usual though since we have an area in the back for her, but of course she was bored, so I put Up in the 360 and let her play that for a while. She needed help […]

21 Jan

Weekend Shopping

Normally, on the weekend the family would go out shopping but because the spouse and kid was down with a cold – I had no choice but to stay home with them.  Luckily for online stores – else – we would have to wait another week before she can get the kitchen utensils that she […]

19 Jan

Couch Potato

I’m a couch potato. And sometimes a chair potato. My job doesn’t require much physical labour, except lugging computers around and those are usually pretty light these days. So in the last 12 years, since I start working retail, I’ve put on about 50lbs. I’d like to lose about half that. Any monkey could tell […]

19 Jan

No Best Diet Plan

I’m always hearing about weight loss success stories from this friend or that TV show, and they all used a different method. Weight Watchers, P90X, Simply for Life, and the list goes on. I’ve never tried any of them and don’t plan to. What seems apparent to me is that it’s not important what “plan” […]

19 Jan

Retro Stuff quite Popular

Like the recent craze over diet pills, Retro gaming gear has been pretty popular lately. I tracked down a distributor that sells the Retro Duo systems, (plays original NES and Super NES games) and they’ve been selling well. I had to order a second batch! What’s old is new again, as the saying goes, so […]

15 Jan

Crafty Kid

We’ve got quite a creative kid here. She especially loves to draw and paint and has been since she was quite young. I think she was barely a year old when she started making actual drawings, not just mindless scribbles. It took us a while to realize it at first, but after seeing the same […]

11 Jan


Quite some time ago I picked up a cheap netbook for when we travel. We don’t travel often so it didn’t need to be anything overly fancy. It was pretty bad though, one of those 9″ Acers with the tiny little keys, practically impossible to touch type on. So a few months later someone brought […]

03 Jan

Damn You, Garbage Guys

Once again the lid has been broken off my garbage bin out by the side walk. They just don’t care how they treat other people’s property. And since I can’t booby-trap it to take off a leg or something, I’ll just have to re-attach it, again, and try to make it more solid. Again. New […]

03 Jan

Change Rollin’ Time

I spent an hour or so the other night rolling up all the loose change in the change bottle and it turned out to be a little over $400 in dimes, quarters and nickles. So in what will now be an annual beginning of the year tradition, we went furniture shopping and picked up 3 […]