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26 Mar

Vacation For Geeks

So a few buddy of mine wants to go on a vacation together – where the sun and the beach is without the family – only them guys.  I suggested the NC because they have vacation homes by the beach.   The rentals shared amongst a few geeks is going to be very affordable – they […]

23 Mar

Recommended Health Care For Geeks

People who plays a lot on computers and game consoles and rarely exercises – are recommended to use  colonetix every now and then – so the buddy told me the other day.    Why? they said it helps with constipation, and of course – the weight problem from sitting in front of the computer for a […]

15 Mar

A 2nd Car

We will be getting a 2nd car for the spouse – hopefully by this summer -pending her getting a driver license but in the meantime, we are looking for auto insurance companies to check on the rate for car insurance.  While the spouse don’t want just any car, she had seen one in the local […]

12 Mar

Two Worlds 2 done, what’s next?

I finished off Two Worlds 2 about a week ago and only have 5 achievements left to get. 3 of those are the multiplayer ones which seem like they’ll be the hardest to finish off since there doesn’t seem to be many games in my level range. I rolled up a fresh level 1 and […]

04 Mar

The Buddy – The Gamer

Ever since my kid was born – I rarely have time to play any games – whether on the computer or any consoles – not to say I don’t try and then falling asleep right in the middle of a game.  But I do envy my buddy – who has a few kids, wife and […]

02 Mar

Movie Marathon

The friends and I planned a movie marathon for the first weekend of Spring – so one went to buy rocky patel cigars for that day – just because the spouse prefers that we smoke cigar rather than cigarettes.  The smell of cigars do not irritate her as much as cigarettes  – so I told […]