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18 Apr

Easter Gift For My Brother

While my dad is easy to buy for – I’m always at a lost as to what to buy for my brother.  He doesn’t really want anything – and he seems to be contented with what he already have.  So the spouse saw some momentum watches and told me to get an outdoorsy one for […]

15 Apr


Rift seems to be the in game right now – I see a lot of people playing it.  So will this be a better game than WOW?  Made by TRION and not Blizzard.  Graphics seems good enough and the spouse had been playing with some of his friends for a few weeks now.  But like […]

08 Apr

Movies & Snacking

The spouse must munch on something when she is watching a movie or a tv show  –  she even times her dinner or lunch to coincide with a show – bad habit and she knows it – so she is usually looking for help to keep her weight down.  I’m guessing the spouse isn’t the […]

05 Apr

Get Cash Instantly!

The spouse sends money home every now and then to get her bills paid – like her credit cards and money for her parents – we used to get our local bank to make a bank transfer – but as you know bank transfer are expensive.  So the other day – a friend who works […]