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28 May

Interesting People You Meet Online

I meet some very interesting people when I am playing online games or join an online forum – and the things being discussed have to be the most interesting.  From movies to  back acne treatment and of course games – some loved to talk about their health issues while others talk about their relationships.  But […]

25 May

Office Efficiency

We recently had an episode with our debit company – about our contract – they insisted that we did sign a 5 years contract – while we don’t remember anything.  The spouse therefore recommends that we invest in a scanner software that way – should we need to look up for documents of any kind […]

25 May

Job Hunting

The school year is almost over for the high school students and those in the community college and we are seeing a lot more resumes for a job before school start and some wants to join our business permanently.  But there are also some that I’ve spoken to – who are moving away for some […]

20 May

Comic Con International

I’m looking forward to the Comic-Con International in San Diego this July and since I  am driving there – the spouse insist that I become a member of the  roadside assistance club , else I cannot go.  So like a good boy – I looked into it and think that the spouse is right, after […]

13 May

Online Gaming & Health

An online friend of mine who is on  disability insurance said to me the other day that online gaming is good for his health because it keeps his mind active and adrenalin pumping. Online gaming can be quite an experience because you get to be friends with people from around the world and some turn […]

02 May

Buying A Gift For My Old Man

The spouse annnounced today that since she is taking care of the mother’s day gift for my mother – I’m to get my own  gift ideas for fathers day and get my old man a present for father’s day.  I’m a man!! and I don’t shop for another man! don’t the woman know that by […]

01 May

Bixi Bike In Toronto

While not all Torontian are on human growth hormone supplements – they can now make use of the Bixi bike share program that was recently launched this week – to better their health and save the earth.  We all want to be healthy and happy and one way is to boost our immune system.  So […]