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22 Jun

BBQ @ The Store

So we had a bbq at the store during our Magic the Gathering gaming day – invited a few customers randomly to come have a hotdog on a Friday and a few did show up.  Everyone who came brought something with them – and one of them broughat a chocolate birthday Sharis Berries which the […]

18 Jun

Cheap Wii Consoles With Games

I’m sure by now everyone knows that Wii had lower their prices on the Wii consoles and package a awesome game with it right?  Yes the Mario Kart isn’t a cheap game either – but all new wii games or any games isn’t cheap right.   But for $149 – you can now get a new […]

15 Jun

Comic & Entertainment Expo

While friends up in Calgary was dressing up for the Comic and Entertainment Expo – in school girl costume and cat woman – I sit and admire all the fun they had during the Expo.  I was invited for the expo by friends but alas, couldn’t make it up for the expo.  But had I […]

04 Jun

Gaming Outdoors

Summer is here and not only is the outdoor inviting because we had our patio done for a long time now but haven’t been using it much because there isn’t enough outdoor lighting .  So this year – we’ve decided that we are going to brighten up the backyard and the lawn – so that […]

02 Jun

Hunting Unlimited 4

While I am into hunting games like Cabela Big Hunt and Hunting Unlimited 4 that I’ve just bought – my dad and brother is into the real hunting and buying of bushnell rifle scopes.  While I loved the comfort of hunting in my tv room – my dad and brother and all my uncles loved […]