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28 Jul

A Very Annoying Knife

A very annoying knife – and I won’t even think of giving it to my enemy !  very annoying !  this knife screams out sounds of a cow, a pig and various animals  – and even a broccoli but actually of someone asking you not to cut them up.  The knife even cries for you […]

25 Jul

Talking Bender

Die hard fans of Futurama – can now enjoy this talking Bender in their very own office or home – only at $24.99 – this Bender says all of Bender’s favorite words and it’s like 9″ talk and the ribcage compartment opens for you to put some of your personal stuff in – when you […]

23 Jul

Nintendo 3DS Prices Dropped

The rumor has it that the 3DS prices is going to be dropped so low – that everyone out there is going to go get one immediately. Currently, the selling price for a 3 DS is at $249.99 – and the new price is said to be about $169.99 – now that would definitely be […]

20 Jul

Borders Forced To Close Its Doors

Yes! it’s true i see – Borders who employs more than 10,000 employees was forced to shut down and liquidate – no one to bail them out so I heard.   What a shame eh?  I do like that bookstore – but there wasn’t much business in any of them – truth be told – I […]

18 Jul


So have you tried the new Google+ yet ?  have you been added into a circle yet?   I’ve been invited thru’ a gmail by a friend and still testing it out.  Too early to tell you much about it – but I can tell you that it’s another social networking tool – like Facebook.  So […]

15 Jul

Summer Gaming

A friend had invited the entire family for a BBQ –  in his cottage – which was actually one of those trailer – now I didn’t realized that they were so nice and that there were more than one family in the country having the same kind of model trailers.   So while the family is […]

13 Jul

A GPS For Road Trips

GPS are not only for  extreme trucker in fact – I am investing in one – because I get lost in the city all the time.   I find it extremely annoying when I go the round about way – or a way that I know I don’t like going to because of bad traffic jams.   […]

11 Jul

Wresting Mats

The nephew who is into wrestling recently had asked for some home wrestling mats for his passing present and these mats are a necessity when he needs to practice.  So we went online to check out its prices and find out where to buy them since we don’t have a wrestling store in town.  As […]

09 Jul

Mess Management

Yes! that was what the spouse was up to this weekend – mess management or  wire management as she had called it.   And you can see why she wanted to get cable protectors and plastic cord cover for the counter at the store – she said it was too messy for her liking.  She is […]

07 Jul

12 Gamers For Magic

Last week – we had the most players/gamers for Magic The Gathering – thanks to our trusty acer netbooks we were all able to get our scores recorded.  I don’t know why the others bought their netbook – but when I bought my – it was for traveling  – since it was so small and […]