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31 Aug

Ideas For Halloween

Yes!  we are trying to get ideas for Halloween already – because Halloween is my favorite holiday of all times – not even Christmas can beat Halloween and every year – we try to dress our windows up  but not really what I would like.  So this year – we decided to go big scale […]

30 Aug

A Special Wallet

The spouse asked if we should get this wallet – and i asked her what so special about this wallet because it sure looked ordinary to me – but according to the wife this is a rfid blocking wallet .  So I asked her what is a rfid wallet?  apparently, this wallet can prevent identity […]

28 Aug

Remote Eye By iZon

We are always on a look out for wireless remote camera to watch the store when we are home – or during the night.  One never know when some thief/thieves might decide to bring into your home or store – and it’s not a big discovery – to be able to watch a remote camera […]

25 Aug

Apple CEO Resigns

Holy Moly ! expect stocks for Apple to plunge tomorrow morning – or is it already happening now?  anyhow – Steve Jobs who is the co-founder of Apple has just tendered his resignation as CEO – but is hoping to continue to be in the board.   I really wasn’t expecting him to resign this soon […]

21 Aug

Magic Celebration In September

Come join us at our store for a worldwide Magic Celebration in September 2011.  Lots of goodies and free stuff – come play for free! Magic Celebration An event unlike any other we’ve run before, Magic Celebration will bring together Duels of the Planeswalkers and Magic 2012 Core Set players on September 10th at WPN […]

19 Aug

Cheap Laptops

So one can get an Aspire One 10.1 inch for less than $200 new – of course I get to go grab some discount laptop computers and tell all my friends about it.   Everyone seems to love the netbooks a lot these days – especially the ladies – I have a mother who bought one […]

06 Aug

Gaming Too Much

So you are a gamer and have been buying too much games according to the girlfriend – and not spending enough time with her.  She is upset and wants you to choose between her or your games  – what do you do?  I hear this too many times – from friends and customers – so […]

03 Aug

Speakers For Your Laptop

When you have a noisy store like I do – most times – you can’t even enjoy a show in your store at lunch time.  So when I saw this on ThinkGeek – I just had to order it – at $59.99 – it’s pretty sleek and you can carry it anywhere you go – […]

01 Aug

For Those Who Love The Smell Of Coffee

But don’t drink them – this would be something you might want to try.  Highly addictive – this super caffeinated chocolate  – apparently – they are good and it keeps you awake – check them out at Think Geek – at $3.99 a pack.