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30 Sep

Gaming and Funny T-shirt

I loved gaming and funny t-shirt more than anyone I know and had thought of bringing in some gaming t-shirts to sell at the store.  But it seems like there are so many red-taps in order to obtain some licensed t-shirts, so I’m changing plans for now.  I’m looking for  funny t-shirts to sell instead […]

21 Sep

iPhone was awesome for traveling

This past weekend we took a few days off and went up to Halifax. This was the first trip we’ve been on since getting an iPhone and I’ve gotta say that little gadget sure saved us a lot of time and gas. Normally I can find the places I’m looking for, eventually. Since we’re not […]

21 Sep

Fable II

Yes! I’m behind the times! I just started playing Fable II a few days ago, my attempt to clear something off my game shelf that’s been sitting there for a loooong time. I’m finding it pretty fun so far, but as I’ve heard from other people, the game seems to be pretty short if you […]

20 Sep

Sound System

I’ve been looking to replace the Sony Bravia audio system I have in the living room. I liked it for a while because it matches my TV and they cooperate nicely, but now I’m finding that the sound just isn’t as good as it could be, and when playing music games the delay is very […]