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30 Oct

GelaSkins For Kindle

Plenty of designs for skin for your e-readers or iPad or iPod touch.  I know you can get all sorts from the internet – but Gelaskins has some really cool skins.  It has anti-scratch and anti-UV protection for your gadget – and what i liked most about gelaskin is – you can design your own […]

25 Oct

Lens Hood

The spouse loved taking pictures – and she has often wonder what the lens hood is used for – so I’m getting this for her for Christmas since it’s only $9 at Brando.  And the flower lens hood like this one – is for improving the quality of the pictures you are taking.  By using […]

20 Oct

Super Mario Wall Decal For The Store

Thinking of getting this for wall decal at our store.  We all grew up playing Mario – and for those who haven’t played it before will still recognize it because your kids are probably playing with it now.  So this is the touch I need for the store. $69.99 for a set of 3 pieces […]

18 Oct

Pink iPod Touch

While I have the black iPod touch – and now you can get a white one from our local store in the mall – the kid asked for a pink iPod Touch.  When I told her that there is no pink iPod Touch – she wants to know why Apple doesn’t make the iPod Touch […]

17 Oct

Color Changing Stereo FM Alarm Clock Radio

Live Life Loud for $99.99 – dock your iphone or ipod into one of this super cute color changing speaker and alarm clock radio – you can either wake up with your own music or the FM radio.  It’s small as you can see here – so it’s easy to carry around and portable.  A […]

15 Oct

Super Bowl

The spouse complains that I play too much games on the computer and my consoles and said it was bad for health till her cousin who was watching super bowl this year had a heart attack and needed air ambulance service .  Yup!  a real emergency and he was air lifted to the nearest heart […]

13 Oct

Microsoft 8 Release Date

i’m just only getting used to Windows 7 and everyone had been talking about the release date of Windows 8 for a few months now.  Scheduled to be released in 2012 – it is said that a beta version had been out for months now and real folks are in the testing mode and will […]

10 Oct

Magic Player’s Wedding

We were just informed by a regular magic player – that he was getting married in December – we were shocked because we didn’t think that he was so in love that he wanted to get married so soon nor did we think he was ready.  But apparently, we were all wrong – and after […]

05 Oct

Bad Teacher

First of all, I have to let you guys out there know that it’s not a chick flick – in fact, guys will like this movie because it’s pretty hilarious – plus I know you all liked Cameron Diaz right?  what’s not to like of the big mouth girl – and in this movie – […]

02 Oct

Joystick For Your iPhone

Yes! apparently this Joystick from ThinkGeek at $12.99 lets you play your arcade games on your iPhone like old school.   No wires or any kind of attachment needed – just simply press it down on your iPhone but not to worry – it won’t scratch your iPhone screen.  Compatible with a lot of games app […]