15 Oct

Super Bowl

The spouse complains that I play too much games on the computer and my consoles and said it was bad for health till her cousin who was watching super bowl this year had a heart attack and needed air ambulance service .  Yup!  a real emergency and he was air lifted to the nearest heart specialist hospital.   So now whenever she complains – i remind her about her cousin’s hobby and told her that she never have to air lift me to anywhere – because I don’t do sports  – hahha!  but seriously, it was watching Super bowl and the team he was rooting for lose that raised his blood pressure and stress level – thus causing the collapse.

I was shocked too – and after getting over the initial shock – I think I did laugh and sniggered a bit as well – because i would never imagine that Super Bowl can cause death in their die-hard fans.   Prevention?  dont’ watch Super bowl or get a good emergency plan in case you do get a minor attack – that seems so bad that freaked everyone out.

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