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29 Nov

iXi Bike Breakaway

Will you really ride on this kind of bike?  in a suit?  I can’t see myself doing it – but if you were living in a city – well – this might even be better than a car.

27 Nov

Yard Sale Find

Local yard sale on FB is fun to watch – especially when the prices are right – but once in a while you have people asking for prices that I would sell the exact things for in a store – so it’s no longer a yard sale find.  These set of Guitar Heroes and games […]

24 Nov

Baby Gift For Fellow Gamer

Fellow gamer just announced that he is going to be a dad in 2012 – we congratulated him and decided that we should all chipped in to get him a baby gift.  The spouse suggested the uppababy vista 2012 because it’s one of the best stroller for babies – includes a bassinet, a reverse seat […]

22 Nov

Super 8

This movie is based in 1979 – about a group of kids who got together to be the film makers of the year – and witness some train crash – that was so bad – the train was totally messed up but the kids were fine.  Only to find out that there was a huge […]

20 Nov

Infrared Heaters

An infrared heater cost between $299 – $499 but that’s not what I’m concerned about – I’m more concerned about the cost of running it daily.  Will it really save me money?  I’ve read reviews about it and also seen some people that I know talk about it.  They didn’t further elaborate but all of […]

18 Nov

Modern, Klutz-Proof Laptop Cases

A smart, sexy and fun laptop case was what Sloan and Meaghan wanted for themselves – but they turned it into a business eventually.   But they wanted also a tough protective case – to withstand the accidental drops and knocks.  Converts to a backpack easily and less than $100 – love the colors – quite […]

15 Nov

Yellow Peanut M&M Boombox

I cannot believed that this thing will work – made with recycled material – no batteries needed – is said to be light and you can carry it anywhere you like – and of course – the unique designed used – but not original since it is M & M peanuts candy.  But you can […]

13 Nov

Carry Case For iPads

If I had an iPad or a Kindle – I would love to have a carry case instead of just a folder case.  Why a carry case – it’s definitely easier to walk around with and not worry about accidentally dropping it while trying to carry other stuff – especially if you need to hold […]

11 Nov

Geek Birthday

My best friend  is turning 40 next week and we all got together – to think of some 40th birthday gifts for him.  And since he is such a geek and a gamer – we decided to get a baker to do a birthday cake like the above.  Now that was easy – the real […]

09 Nov

The Blunt Umbrella

I need a special umbrella – not just your ordinary one.  One that doesn’t break on me – when it’s pouring cats and dogs – one that doesn’t flip inside out – and embarrass the hell outta me in the middle of the road.  But to pay $80 USD for an umbrella – mannnn! it […]

06 Nov

Silicone Grip For Your iPad

Now with this – you will never have to worry about dropping your iPad – or let it slip off your hands.  Pretty simple device that’s for sure – and workable from what I see. Currently, at $13.99 – and comes with like 7 different cute colors – the girlfriend may just give you some […]

04 Nov

Wacom Bamboo

It’s not often that we get Sweet 16 Invitations but we did get one recently – and because of that invitation – we are currently looking to get a Wacom Bamboo for the cousin who is turning sweet 16 in a few weeks.   We don’t know which model to get – because Wacom has so […]

03 Nov

A Monster Of A Computer

A customer was in to sell – his very expensive gaming computer  – it cost him like $7000 a year to build it – but don’t have a lot of time for it now – family commitments.  I didn’t really wanna offer him anything – because I wouldn’t be able to move such an expensive […]

02 Nov

Going Rustic

Friends and family can look forward to the little cottage that we are thinking of buying near the ocean front – I am planning to put in some lodge furniture right here in the patio – so that we can have a few card games out here in the summer next year.   Magic Cards players […]