02 Nov

Going Rustic

Friends and family can look forward to the little cottage that we are thinking of buying near the ocean front – I am planning to put in some lodge furniture right here in the patio – so that we can have a few card games out here in the summer next year.   Magic Cards players would love this place – because as you can see – we can also have a BBQ here – every weekend you all come out here to play.  The spouse love the BBQ – the kid can use some fresh air – and this would be a nice little investment for us not only to play – but to entertain our families and friends.  As you know the spouse have friends from all over the world – and my kid has 2 godmothers – one from Ontario and another from Singapore – so this little cottage will be used for a guest house for the summer.  Say hello – to our cottage for the summer – we’ve named it Peachy – just like the daughter like.

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