04 Nov

Wacom Bamboo

It’s not often that we get Sweet 16 Invitations but we did get one recently – and because of that invitation – we are currently looking to get a Wacom Bamboo for the cousin who is turning sweet 16 in a few weeks.   We don’t know which model to get – because Wacom has so many right now – to choose from.  Many years ago – we had bought a  Graphire for an employee – who is very good in drawing and wanted to sell her anime drawings online.  The cousin who is turning 16 is also into drawings – and coloring – so we thought a good gift to buy these 16 years old some gadget instead of clothes or jewelry.

It’s not expensive at all – less than $100 – but my biggest beef is I can’t find a genuine review – from someone who has used it for a long time and show me what the tablet – or capture can do.  I read a lot of reports on it – and some youtube videos by Wacom itself but besides the drawing and some writing capabilities – I cannot see why one need it unless you need it for drawing pictures that’s all.  So does it meant that if you are not good with drawing like myself – it’s no use buying it?  Some reviews I read were saying that it was not as sensitive as it should be and it creaks.  So anyone out there – who’ve used the Wacom tablet before – please let me know if it is a good buy for just anyone besides one who loves to draw.

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