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27 Dec

Projection Alarm Clock & Weather Monitor

Now I say everyone can use a projection alarm clock and a weather monitor – every morning – don’t you think?   For about $80 – from Hammacher Schlemmer – this clock has a built in sensor that tells you the time and weather condition.  I like that when I wake up in the middle of […]

25 Dec


The cover you see may not be the same as the ones in USA but the Canadian one looks like the above.  This movie was better than I thought it would be – Zoe Saldana is Cateleya a young kid who watched her parents get killed in front of her.  So the 8 years old […]

20 Dec

Gaming Rights

I brought the spouse out to look at some diamond solitaire rings for Christmas – but she is undecided as to which one to pick – she wanted some earrings too – and I had told her to go ahead and get it.  She said that perhaps I wanted gaming rights – when I buy […]

18 Dec

Walnut Cable Catch

Simple and masculine enough for me – and if I wanted something to catch my cables – it would have to be this – no funky looking colored things that the spouse loved to buy.  But the walnut wood is very expensive at about $42 – so i think I’ll get my brother to make […]

17 Dec

Gifts For Bachelor Party

The spouse insist of giving out gifts for a bachelor party to be held at our store – it’s a gaming session because the bride said no booze, no woman and no gambling – so we can’t head for Las Vegas – darn!  But since she found some cohiba cigars for sale  and bought them […]

16 Dec

Friends With Benefit

Finally managed to watch this movie – and even though I normally don’t like chick flick – one has gotta do right by the spouse right? before she turns crazy or evil eye on me.  Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis stars in this movie and it’s about 2 people of the opposite sex thinking that […]

16 Dec

Re-organizing For Tax Time

It may be near Christmas now – but the end of the year is also coming – so with some money left – I’m looking into getting the scanner software  that the spouse had been talking about for ages – to reorganize my paper work for tax time.   I think it would be an […]

15 Dec

Interesting People

When you own a game store like I do – you do get to meet a lot of interesting people – some very nice – and some not so nice.  I want to meet all the nice people and keep the nice ones as a customer forever.  Unfortunately, because of the job situation here in […]

13 Dec

Wii Guitar For Rock Band

I have just about any kind of guitar for all the game  systems except of course the one I need most for a customer.  A Wii guitar for rock band never seems to come into our store – and when you need one – it’s even harder.  I had a customer who came in to […]

08 Dec

The Help : Movie Review

I wouldn’t want to watch this movie if not for the spouse – who’ve heard from customers that this was a good movie based on a story book.  And since we’ve just watched a movie by Emma Stone – on Crazy Stupid Love – another chick flick that the spouse wanted to watch.  Anyhow – […]

05 Dec

For The Cat

Why put your poor cat in a cage right?  it’s just not right – even if the spouse don’t like kitty like we do – the kitty still deserve something to crawl into at night.  This Native American Teepee is pretty unique isn’t it ? meant for your cats and made of 100% recycled cardboard […]

03 Dec

Apple TV

Apple TV was first introduced in 2010 and I’ve heard about it – but haven’t given it a lot of thought till this Christmas.  Why?  I can’t think of anything I want – so when the spouse asked me about Apple TV – I figured I should check it out and see if I should […]

01 Dec

Funky Desk Organizer

I could use something like that for my desk – because I’m a messy person and chuck all my stationary, pens and writing pads just about everywhere.  So when I need them – they are nowhere to be found – most embarrassing if I needed to write something important about a customer’s computer. This goes […]