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28 Jan

Music Festival & Talented Young Musicians

As I sit and watched the music fest that happened a few months ago  in our town – and remembered some young kids doing things and smoking weed like they didn’t care if there were people around – I wished the town would have a better counseling or rehab center for these kids.  While heroin […]

25 Jan

4mm TV – The TV I Want

Yes, LG has a TV that will be 55 inch wide and 4mm thick and that’s the tv i want.   The color is said to be more vibrant – and LG is said to be selling the TV later this year.  We don’t know how much it will be – but it won’t be cheap […]

20 Jan

ANGRY BIRDS – Electronic Handheld Game

Everyone knows all about Angry birds even a 3 years old plays the Angry bird on an iPad, iPhone or the computer – but who wants to share your iPad with your kids right?  and they drain the iPad and iPhone’s battery so quickly – it’s not funny at all.  But parents who wants to […]

15 Jan

Angry Bird USB Flash Drives

I’m thinking I should order some  Angry Bird USB Flash Drive to sell in the store – the ones that you can get from EMTEC – but I might have to buy them in bulk from Hong Kong to make it worth my while and make some money out of it.  Afterall, everyone is crazy […]

10 Jan

iPhone 5 This Summer?

Not again – I hear you saying – hahah! don’t blame you – the rumor has it that the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released this summer and it is supposed to be slimmer and better of course than the iPhone 4S – and a slightly bigger screen.  Now should I go get one […]

05 Jan

Text Books On iPad

Truly amazing !  after I saw the above video – I am in awe!  I can imagine the amount of information my kid can get when she reaches high school.  I’m all for the iBook 2 – with textbooks for only $14.99 or less – you definitely cannot beat that price.   Gone will be […]

01 Jan

Kurio Tablet Just For Your Kids

A tablet made just for kids and covered with rubber all around it to protect the tablet from being destroyed from dropping it on the ground by your kids.  Interesting but the price is not cheap either at about $233 U.S. dollars  – would it be better to buy a regular tablet for you kid?  […]