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18 Feb

Gadget Must Have At Home

For those who loved their LCD tv, plasma tv, their sound systems – and of course their HD tvs – you must have the logitech universal remote  at home.   Everyone who comes by the store always look for a universal remote and I recommend them the logitech all the time.  Why?  because I’ve had great […]

16 Feb

Less Gaming & More Exercises

The spouse had ordered that there should be less gaming on the home front and more exercises – so that she will be motivated too – to get healthy and lose some weight.  With a yoga center right on top of our business – she said that there is no excuse for not going for […]

15 Feb

The Ultimate Old Gamer’s Bedsheets

Now it would be awesome to get a bedsheet of the same pattern for any gamer who loved the old type of game system.  I for one am into it – unfortunately, this were hand made and I can’t seems to find it anywhere else to buy them.  You would think that some rich entrepreneur […]

13 Feb

Online Shopping

These days we do a lot of shopping online because the spouse cannot get what she wants here in town – and I usually end up having to do the online shopping for her – because she doesn’t like to use her credit card online.   So she would ask me to buy eucalyptus essential oil  […]

12 Feb

Kids and Their Electronic Games

Since I owned a game store – people asked me all the time how much do I spend on my own kid when it comes to gaming and electronic games and consoles.  Truth be told – I rarely let the kid have any new stuff – the stuff she gets are those we get at […]

11 Feb

Entertainment Room

Our living room is also our entertainment room but since it’s where the sun rises in the morning – we can never watch tv or play a game in the entertainment room in the morning.  Well, not until the spouse decided to get some  roman shades for french doors  that we have.  Now we have […]

09 Feb

Netbooks For Kids By Samsung

The kids have it made in Asia – well Korea for now – for Samsung has just released NC110 Pororo netbook for them.  Light enough that any kid can carry themselves but only a 10″ screen – which is probably enough for most kids – this netbook is meant and targetted for the South Korean […]

07 Feb

In Time

The trailer was pretty good – so we had to watch this movie even though it wasn’t the kind of movie that the spouse wanted to watch but she liked it very much.  It’s an interesting movie about how people were given time to live after they turned 25 and everything they do cost them […]

02 Feb

Blackberry Playbook @ $199

Staples had just announced that the Blackberry playbook is on sale for $199 and I was darn tempted to get one.  You would think for $199 – what is there to lose right?  so I did a little bit of reading up on it – before heading out to get it – and luckily I […]