12 Feb

Kids and Their Electronic Games

Since I owned a game store – people asked me all the time how much do I spend on my own kid when it comes to gaming and electronic games and consoles.  Truth be told – I rarely let the kid have any new stuff – the stuff she gets are those we get at the store 2nd hand – and we don’t even let her have so many games – if she wanted something new from the store’s cabinet – she needs to exchange 2 of her games for 1 new ones.

But people asked me all the time too – how much time do I let the kid play on her consoles and other gaming consoles.  Truth be told not much – the spouse do not game – which is a plus – because she doesn’t want the kid to see that both parents played so much on the consoles.  By not playing on any – the kid cannot ask for help from her mom when I am at work – as for her DS – she does play a bit when she feels like it – but not constantly and non – stop.  The spouse believed that she needs to have a good balance – so she goes for karate classes, she visits her grandparents on Saturdays – and other activities like dancing – and music lessons as well as swimming.  So there – you have to truth about how we feel about kids and electronic games.

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