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30 Mar

My Basement

So I’m finally getting my basement done and going thru’ all the quotes for every single thing I need to buy to get the renovation work to start.  From hex head bolt  to just about any kind of nails that is required to put up the walls, do the electrical work and paint of course.  […]

28 Mar

OMGPOP Draw Something Office

picture from business insider Mannn! I want my office or store to look like that ! but of course my business is not as huge or rich as the people who created Draw Something but one can always dream right? Cool looking work space right? and did you know that these freaking company just sold […]

25 Mar

Body Building

Spring is here and time to get ready for some body building instead of just sitting all day in front of the computer or in front of the tv.  The wife said that I had to get some work done around the house if I didn’t do some kind of exercise and body building might […]

23 Mar

US$49K For Living Expenses For Kim Dotcom

First of all – who in the hell would changed their family name to Dotcom?  a little bit crazy or obnoxious?  maybe a little of both – I have to say.  Known as the download pirate king – I think the Feds are making him a target as well as a precedent to deter people […]

20 Mar


So the town is going crazy about winning the Kraft Hockeyville contest and I don’t blame them because if the town wins – it’s not just trophy cups  they will be bringing home but a good $100K from Kraft.  The town gets to upgrade the Mariner Center with the money – even though money had […]

18 Mar

Pocket Security Alarm For Traveling

I’m going to get this for when we go on vacation – not only good when you are sleeping in a hotel room on your own or with your family – this is great to be used at our home too when we are not in.  The alarm is triggered when the lock is broken […]

15 Mar

Angry Bird DIY Cable Holder

At first I thought you have gotta buy them but nope  – it’s a DIY using Sugru from Instructables store – for $18 a packet – which reminds me that I can use Sugru to prevent my kid from accidentally tripping and cutting herself from the corner of our coffee table.  Anyhow, if you want […]

13 Mar

No More Wrinkles

When you are traveling or if you are like us and don’t use an iron and ironing board – check out this Wrinkle Wiz – spray – leave it to dry and your clothes becomes wrinkle free – now how easy is that.  For $5.95 – I want to order it just to try it […]

10 Mar

Insurance For Family

My dad’s insurance agent had been around since last month asking us to get insurance for the entire family not just myself – I am insured but the spouse and kid isn’t.  But I find that the insurance he was recommending didn’t really fit my needs – so I went to  to check what […]

08 Mar

An Underwater Camcorder By Sony

Interesting to find that Sony is releasing a underwater camcorder- the Sony GW55VE – a full HD camcorder that is not only small and light – it is said to be called a pocket camcorder.  Only releasing in Europe for now – we don’t know what the pricing is of right now.  So what so […]

05 Mar

Hello Kitty Microwave

Yes, you are seeing right – the kid had seen this in one of her karate friend’s home during a playdate and wants one for herself and our home.  She claimes that it’s the prettiest thing she had ever set eye on.  At Target for only $79.99 – I just couldn’t bear refusing her.  This […]

03 Mar

KettlePizza For The Best Kind Of Pizza

The best pizza has got to be a woodfired pizza – and you can’t get this here in our small town.  And since I do loved the woodfired pizza a lot – I am game to try the Kettle Pizza but I’m not keen on using charcoal or wood fire at home but for those […]

01 Mar

Self Stirring Microwave Bowl

Yes! we certainly hate it when one part of the soup is still cold and another part is scotching hot and burn your lips and tongue and maybe even your throat because you swallowed too quick.   So comes this invention from Quirky a self stirring microwave bowl – which I must say is quite […]