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30 Apr

Thodio iBox

What a interesting speaker for your ipods – and also an expensive one too!  costing close to a 475 euros average – I don’t think many people can afford the price.   But it does sound pretty good and can be ordered online from Thodio’s website @ – they also accept paypal which is […]

28 Apr

Gift For A Loyal Customer

We were invited for housewarming of a long and loyal customer who had been with us for the last 10 years and like most long standing customers – they turned into friend.  So when we got invited to their housewarming -it was no surprised at all and like all friend they get an address plaques […]

25 Apr

Toys We Liked

There are lots of toys I would like to have and own just like this BEATs Studio Headphones – love the new colors but at $1000 a piece, I think I need to have a special occasion before I can allow myself to buy them.   Unless most guys, I can wait for it to go […]

22 Apr

Mini iPad From Apple

I don’t mind getting a mini – iPad for my kid – that’s for sure – about half the prize and half the size – that was the rumor that surfaced 4 days ago.  But in actual fact, it was on the internet since last year and even though Steve Jobs never like the idea […]

20 Apr

Renovating The Basement

Today the carpenter put up the drywalls for the basement as I was looking at trash pump  since we are thinking of putting in another bathroom in the basement.  But I guess I was looking at the wrong place – although this site does tell you where to get industrial pumps for slim, wood […]

19 Apr

Curved Monitor

The curved monitor isn’t new actually – I had seen it in a review sometime in 2009 but for those die hard gamers out there who has $6500 to spare – this curved monitor is for sale.  43″ Ostendo CRVD is said to be the first for commercial use and has a resoluation of 2800 […]

18 Apr

Toning Up

  As you can see – we are in the midst of renovating the basement – finally!  when it is done – our exercise machine in the tv room is going down here.  This will also be my gym as well as entertainment room and while the spouse is using the mirrors we are going […]

16 Apr

Bunny Shooter Game On iPhone

So my kid was playing this bunny shooter game for 99 cents on the iPhone – and she was having loads of fun with it and for 0.99 cents, so we were all happy for abit but wait a minute – after a few play it asked if we wanted to upgrade for $1.99 .  […]

13 Apr

Green LED Reebok Shoes Limited

I wouldn’t mind getting this limited and special edition shoe from Reebook – in collaboration with Solebox during their 10 anniversary special.  This Reebok Omni Zone Pump has built in LED lights on the side and glows in the dark – going for about $230 – in a few days.  Lets hope I can get […]

10 Apr

Bolt Action Tactical Pen

For $50 – I think I will continue to annoy my co-workers with an ordinary pen if I am the fidgety kind.   I think it is a neat pen – don’t get me wrong – but for $50 – I think my wife would kill me.   But if you want one – and have […]

08 Apr

GPS Tracker Phone For Kids

I guess if you really need to spoil your kids – this GPS tracker phone would make more sense.  For $49 – not too much to pay for – and not only can your child make phone calls to 5 preset numbers – they also have an emergency number and an SOS number to call.  […]

05 Apr

For Those Messy Cables

For those like myself who’ve got lots of cables both on your home office desk and your office desk – these Cabledrop Cable Clips is the way to go.  For $9.99 – 11.99, I know that if I got this for the wife, she would be really happy – even happier to see me get […]

03 Apr

Gadget For Easter

If you don’t want to spend so much on an Ipad – you may want to consider getting the Blackberry rim tablet  for half the price of a regular iPad.   I too am tempted to buy one this Easter because a 32 gb is currently at $249 + taxes – regular price at over $500.   […]

01 Apr

Foosball For The Girls

I may not like it but I know my kid would – she is into the all pink phase at the moment and we are also enjoying it.  She wants everything in pink – even her bath tub ducky.   Now if I can find where i can buy one.