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30 May

New Hobby For The Kid

While I loved playing games with the kid – the spouse prefers that she does creative work like clay making or beading – otherwise, she wants her to be out playing with her friends if the weather is good.  Today she wanted me to order some beads for her on the internet and I found […]

21 May

The Devil Inside

I had expected this show to be a lot scarier but it’s filmed like a documentary about a girl looking for closure or truth about her mother’s killing of 3 person 20 years or so ago. While in Italy – the church did not think that her mother was possessed – 2 other priests thought […]

19 May

Summer Fun

Time to get my suv bike rack  ready for some summer fun this weekend since the weather is given good all weekend and thru’ Victoria day.  Many will be heading out for camping and hiking as well as biking at the beach.   We were hoping to head out to the city but with hotel rooms […]

15 May

Facebook Shares

So anyone buying facebook shares yet?  can Canadian get a piece of the action I was asked the other day?  I guess if you have the money – I figured anyone can buy some shares but I was told not to buy them now – because they will be going at $35 – $38 USD […]

13 May

Touch Screen Mouse

By logitech and at $89 new – this is an unusually sensitive mouse that lets you scroll and swipe using only your fingers.  You can use it in almost any surface and it will still move flawlessly.   It’s pretty sleek looking if you asked me and it is wireless as you can see in this […]

10 May

Windows 8

Just the other day someone had asked me if I had tried the Windows 8 trial version but I didn’t know that there was a trial version for consumers to try.  But I guess you have to have an insider according to what I understand.  But it is Microsoft and one is to expect better […]

08 May

Google’s Algorithm Sued In Japan’s Court

We’ve all known that Google and its Algorithm is biased and pretty much works towards what they think is best for their advertising – everyone else’s is just pure bull to them.  So I’m not surprised that a Japan lawyer had finally brought Google Algorithm to court to ask them to modify their autocomplete function.  […]

05 May

Fun Stuff For This Summer

Getting the backyard ready for summer and the trampoline and pool set up would be what I have to do this weekend.   Bought a  pentair pool pump  for the pool and we are now hoping for good weather tomorrow, so that the kids in the neighborhood can swim some and play together.  We don’t […]

04 May

HayWire Movie Review

The movie is nothing about the movie title at all – but I figured with Michael Douglas in the movie, it wouldn’t be too bad a movie. But Michael Douglas only had a small part in the entire movie – we saw him like maybe 3 times in the movie.   Ewan McGregor was also in […]

02 May

Blackberry Playbook Keyboard

The Blackberry playbook keyboard that we bought was on sale at a local yardsale and I figured it would be good to own since we do have a playbook.  Typing would be so much easier for us when we need to type a email – and having the cover adds double protective measures to make […]