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18 Jun

Skylanders 2 Giants Coming Soon In The Fall

So far we still have children coming in to buy Skylanders figurine for the game – so I’m going to say that the new Skylanders Giants is going to be more popular during Christmas.  There will be new characters of course but the old ones are still usable for the new game  – so I […]

14 Jun

Keep Your Kids Safe

I see teenagers come into our store all the time and parents talk about not knowing where their kids are and what they are doing and I tell them all the time that once you give them a car to drive you have to have a  gps vehicle tracking  to make sure you know where […]

11 Jun

Sharp LC70LE847U 70-inch 3D LED TV

This is what I currently have in my basement – but i want a Sharp LC70LE847U 70-inch 3D LED TV – which cost about $700 more in Canada than in USA – suxs right!  I brought my kid up to Future shop to see the difference between our current Sony 52″ Plasma as compared to […]

08 Jun

Power Mix

Been working out some and the spouse suggested a  vitamix  to do my power mix for mid-day since I’m going to be doing my cycling and runs during lunch time.  She wants me to keep healthy and invest in my health ever since my mother passed away suddenly due to liver cancer.  I figured for […]

05 Jun

Use FireFox People!

So I have a customer who came in wanting to watch Netflix but can’t because it was so choppy.  The internet company gave him the run around, Netflix couldn’t figure out why  for months – so he was ready to chop the computer into pieces.  Brought it in for us to take a look at […]

03 Jun

Apple Siri Updates

I’m looking forward to see and test out the updates on the Apple Siri on my Apple iPhone 4S.  The Siri is one of the most popular feature in the 4S and I’ve heard the good and bad of it from my customers.   Tim Cook had said that there is a lot more than Siri […]

02 Jun

Nokia Fights Back At Google

Good for Nokia for fighting back !  Google just wants to have their say in everything don’t they! Google already controls like 95% of mobile search and ad advertising – so what else do they want?  I hope Nokia don’t back down on this ! Why should Google be the only one making all the […]

01 Jun

Feng Shui The Basement

Finally the basement is completed – and the contractors are out of the house – time to feng shui the basement – so the spouse said and she sent me on a mission to  shop wind chimes online  before I can start on anything else. Yes, according to her a windchime in the basement will […]