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31 Jul

Training For Small Business Owners

The local bank is offering some financial training on how to run our business more efficiently for free.  They invited some speakers to talk about financial issues and of course payment options to use for running your business.  I wonder if they have the  AAP Training  as I’m quite interested in it and have been […]

28 Jul

Seeking Justice

Seeking justice had Nicolas Cage as the lead actor and we all know that it had to be a pretty good movie.  I was not disappointed at all – it was pretty good.  The movie is about Nicolas Cage’s wife being assaulted and rape and  stranger approached him in the hospital saying that he can […]

26 Jul

Hurt My Knees

The doctor said I need more exercise, so I went out to play football with my buddies – came back with a bad knee.  Not good at all, especially when I need to stand all the time to work on computers and show customers games and consoles at the store.  I need to find some  […]

20 Jul

Treasures On eBay

Once in a while one can find some real treasures on eBay – but recently I heard from a fellow gamer that a $1.2 million game collection was on ebay for auction. yup! you heard right – and after taking a look at what he was selling on ebay –  and mannn!  there were lots […]

13 Jul

Pretty Up The Garden

So we are back from our vacation and visiting the cousins home in New Brunswick – and I’ve now been given an order to pretty up our garden with some  outdoor water fountains  like the cousin’s home in Moncton.  So this weekend, we are going to hunt down some outdoor water fountains and see if […]

10 Jul

Vacation Shopping

We just got home from a short vacation and looking at the things we brought home and counting the money that we had spent during this trip – when I realized the best buy on this vacation is a  leather wallet  that the spouse bought for me. The spouse bought shoes for herself, and the […]