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25 Aug

Nintendo 3DS XL

If you are thinking of getting a Nintendo 3DS for your kids this Christmas – strongly advise you to get the 3DS XL instead.  For just $30 more – you get a lot more.  As you can see – from the above comparison – the 3DS XL has a bigger screen and because the screen […]

20 Aug

Curtains For Basement

My basement is completed for a few months now but I still haven’t found curtains for the basement windows because most curtains around here are very long and my windows are rectangular in shape.  I have to probably look for my basement curtains online  because the spouse refuses to get them for me as she […]

18 Aug

I Want A Cheap PinBall Machine !

Yes! I would love to have one in my recreation room but darn ! they are so expensive – the cheapest one I found on ebay is going for $2000!!!  and as much as I want one – I don’t want to spend so much ! I just cannot justify it – well, unless I […]

15 Aug

Cigar Smoking Gamers

Lately, I have a gang of gamers who loved their cigar so much, they asked if they can have cigars in the basement while they are playing.  I found out about their  daily cigar deals  from a gamer so I understand why they are smoking it so much these days.  They don’t come any cheaper, […]

05 Aug

GPT Boston – Worchester

Just got back from New Minas from the Grand Prix Trials and am very tired but happy that I had gone for it.  The games lasted for 6 hrs – I didn’t win anything, in fact was at the bottom of the list – but all in good fun.  Will I go for another one […]

03 Aug

Maximizing Floor Space For The Store

I own a store that sells not only electronics but movies and games as well – but as you all know I don’t have a lot of floor space, so when I have a lot of tv coming in, I have to get my  corner tv stand  out to maximize my floor space at the […]

02 Aug

Emergency Power Source

For people like myself who travels a lot and forget to charge my phone or ipod and gadgets, these emergency power source is great to have although it comes with a price which I don’t really know if it is worth it.  But great to have of course, niffy to use but one can also […]