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25 Sep

2 million iphone 5 sold

When iPhone 5 was released – Apple announced that it sold 2 million of its iphone 5 within 24 hrs – now that is a record breaking news!  Apple is known as the number 1 in tech gadgets – with Google following closely winning Microsoft.  I heard that some people are still waiting for their […]

21 Sep

Innovative Thinking

The cold season is coming sooner than expected and last year I saw someone turn their bike into something safe to ride even when there is just a little snow coming down using  zip ties .  So this year, I told the spouse that I was going to try it – afterall, how much are […]

19 Sep

New Toy For Me

My new toy for this year and I had been saving for it – so don’t go saying I’m rich now.  Unlike others, I don’t buy anything that I cannot afford and owning a business taught me how to spend within my limits, so I think I do deserve to buy something I liked.  Next […]

18 Sep

Saving Office Space

We have a very small store and not enough space but our location is so good we don’t want to move anytime soon and since I do repair computers regularly, I think I might just take a page from the doctor’s office and buy some  cpu cart   so that I can repair more than one […]

15 Sep

Vintage Pez Dispenser

For those who’ve these vintage pez dispenser – with no feet – you might strike a little fortune on ebay.  I just saw some found on Pawn Stars and some folks was in to sell it to them – and they paid good money for them too.  Had I known that they would be so […]

01 Sep

Gamers Must Have

Everyone of my customer asked me why I don’t carry rechargeable batteries in the store – and I explained to them always that one can get  rechargeable aa batteries here  at such reasonable prices – why do I need to carry them at the store.  Rechargeable batteries is a must for all gamers and if […]