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31 Oct

Star Wars Soft Toys At GameStop

Even though we own our own game store – we still go to Game stop every now and then to buy the new stuff from them – there is nothing wrong with having another game store in town for there is business for everyone in this town.  Plus Game Stop does bring in some stuff […]

27 Oct

The Wrestling Place Next To The Y

 There is a wrestling place next to the Y that used to be a video store.  The place went out of business and is now rented out to this wrestling place and half of it to a real estate store.  We had wanted to check out that place when they went out of business but […]

23 Oct

Skylanders Giants

Look who has got the Skylanders Giants?  and the best part of buying the Giants or any Skylanders games is they work with all the systems.  PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii  – all 3 newest consoles  – you can play with it and it’s pretty cool and neat.  We’ve just started playing with it […]

18 Oct

Expensive Movie Night

Went to a movies with the spouse recently and expected it to be expensive but because we were early the spouse wanted to go shopping and ended up buying a  gold chain  .  The movie was good but definitely an expensive one, the next time, I’ll be smart and go when it’s about time to […]

15 Oct

Enjoy Your Black Screen Said Amazon

  Who doesn’t want the convenience of watching a new movie over and over again at your home and at the time you want.  Well, while some are happy that Amazon seems to be offering that – they are also shocked to learn that the movie they had paid for sometimes come on a black […]

05 Oct

Smartphone Printer With No Ink

That’s interesting but of course, we all know what it means right?  having no ink means that the paper used has to have some kind of patented paper with the necessary colors embedded on it.  Even though you don’t need ink, you need some kind of special paper cartridge for it.   The printer is at […]