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21 Nov

Yardsale Good Finds

Sometimes you can find some really good buy on your local yard sale if you check them often enough.  But if you are like me – you probably missed a lot of good deals like this Blackberry Curve going for a song. Anyhow, I didn’t get to buy it – but I thought I should […]

20 Nov

Creative People

There are many smart people that I’ve come across in this town of ours and many are very creative and some had branch out to open their own store selling  wholesale beads  and teaching children how to do creative things as well.  Today, my kid attended such a class and she wants to buy some […]

18 Nov

Wii U For Sale Now

If you are planning to get this for a Christmas present – I suggest you get it immediately – else you might not get one for months.  Remembering how the wii consoles went for sale when they first came out ?  yes ! everyone was rushing to get it – but the demand was a […]

16 Nov

Shopping Online For The Spouse

The spouse loved buying things online but she doesn’t like using her credit card – she is one of those that is afraid to get her card number stolen, so she makes me buy stuff for her online.  From groceries to  moss ball for your garden  but mostly things for the home and skin care […]

10 Nov

Computer Repairs

You will be surprised at how many computers I come across at our small store for repair because of viruses and spyware.  These days people download stuff so much, they don’t even know that some sites are not reliable and without a good  anti spyware  or a anti-virus protection, one can easily infect your computer […]

08 Nov

Pro Stuff

We’ve been selling these like hot cakes – so I ordered more in for the gamers for pokemon and Magic the Gathering.  I liked the fact that I can order things without worrying if they will move immediately because I know that they are in demand.  Sometimes, customers just don’t have the money yet – […]

05 Nov

New Pokemon Set

Pokemon Boundaries Crossed boosters, boxes and intro decks now in stock! and we are selling them fast and furious too.  Lately, we have been having quite a lot of pokemon fans in the store and I have to say that they sure sells better than the hockey cards that we had gone into years ago.    […]

02 Nov

For The Gamers At The Store

We’ve done custom t-shirts for the Magic The Gathering players who went up to Halifax for their card games – it’s like an investment  – and a walking advertising and even though it wasn’t cheap, I thought that it was alright.  Since winter is coming and the games are still on all year round, maybe […]