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31 Dec

Killer Joe

Matthew McConaughey stars in this bizarre movie and when I say bizarre it usually means – it a freak your mind kinda movie that in the end, you don’t know why people in the movie did what they did.  I know it doesn’t really make sense but I think there may be some truth in […]

20 Dec

Game Stick

Had I known about this project much earlier – I would have even invested in it – I’m very much into indie games too because a pair of twins from town had been writing indie games and even have their own company promoting their own indie games.  And being an entrepreneur myself  – I would […]

06 Dec

Shopping With A Woman

Men and women shop totally differently, like me and the spouse – while she wants to look at some  pedestal bathtubs  when we are in the home furnishing center, I head over to the electronics department to look at HDTV or 3D tvs.  While she looks for clothing for the kids, I will be looking […]

01 Dec

Tardis Computer Case

Unique but very expensive for my liking and they don’t sell the cases alone – you will have to buy the entire system with the case – it seems.  Starting at $1500 – I think one can get a better computer somewhere else but if you must have the case – you will have to […]