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20 Jan

Gaming Sessions At Home

 Every now and then we have gaming sessions at my home.  Friends come by the home and we game together but of course, some loved their booze a lot and they drink and fool around during this kind of gaming sessions.  When it’s time to go home, I wished I had this  alcohol saliva test  […]

17 Jan

Taken 2

We haven’t watched a lot of movies lately but Taken 2 was not a bad one at all.  If you’ve watched the first Taken, you would like this as well although not as intense as the first movie.  Set in Istanbul, the people who had kidnapped his daughter was coming back for him for revenge.   […]

03 Jan

Really? it’s a shoe?!?

When the spouse showed me this Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, I didn’t know that it was a shoe to be honest – in fact, I thought it was some sort of designer ornament to be placed in the living room for some arty farty effect.  But yes, it’s a shoe and I can’t see […]