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28 Feb

Windows 8 Review

So I finally managed to get a chance to test out Windows 8 for a customer had brought his laptop in for reformatting and it had Windows 8 on it.  What do I think of it? Very different from the other OS that I’ve used thus far. You noticed immediately that the interface is totally […]

22 Feb

Scrabble On Facebook

Although Scrabble on Facebook isn’t new to FB users, I just started getting into it of late and I’m pretty much a Scrabble hound right now.  Love the game and it’s really intriguing – you can play with your friends or any random person online.  Free on FB, you can play it on your computer […]

19 Feb

DIY Business Savings

  When you are a small business owner, you try to save in any way you can but there are just some things you cannot save money on – because the partner insisted on professional envelopes for the store.  Lucky for him, I’m so internet savvy and found a cheap envelope printing  place where we […]

10 Feb

PS4 Presentation

In about 10 days if you are anyone or any company that has to do with game consoles in USA – you would have been invited to Sony’s presentation for the new PS4 that is rumored to be out in Christmas 2013.  I’m excited to see what they have in store or what the prototype […]