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28 Mar

Guitar Picks

Bought a whole load of music stuff from a supplier in Toronto – to re-sell at the store.  People always asked for picks and we only have guitar strings for starters, so this time, I ordered a few more things to see if it would sell.  Hopefully, it does – so that we have another […]

20 Mar


Denzel Washington plays the role of a airline pilot who is drunk and into drugs but yet he is able to land a crashing plane, well enough so that the impact didn’t cause much lost of life.  Yet in the end, when he can walk away with being a hero, he chose to throw it […]

16 Mar

Gaming Shelves

The store is overloaded with games that I’ve bought of late, loads of sellers these days – trying to paying their income tax or recovering from Christmas shopping.   To keep them off the floor, I had to make some room for them at the store, so the kid’s play area had to be used as […]

10 Mar

Everquest Free To Play

Everquest will turn 14 years old in a few days, in fact – I started playing Everquest a week before the store was opened – Interesting eh!  And now you can play Everquest for free – no more monthly fees but of course, there is a catch to it.  If you see the chart I’ve […]

06 Mar

Guitar Pedals For Sale

We have several used guitar pedals for sale but a customer who came in for pedals asked to test the ones we’ve got but didn’t like it so much.  He wanted the fulltone gt 500 – and we didn’t have it.  So I checked around for him and found a  fulltone gt 500 at music123  […]

03 Mar

PS4 Impact On Used Game Stores

So everyone had been talking about the PS4 and the new Xbox 720 that will be released this Christmas 2013 and how both Sony and Microsoft are thinking of phasing out the disc.  Therefore used game stores like ours would be impacted – but how impacted will we be?  Firstly, I don’t think both Sony […]

01 Mar


The Factory is a must watch for anyone out there but not for kids I have to remind you – John Cusack put on a very good performance here but the girl who plays his daughter – Mae Whitman, she did a better job.  Mae Whitman is quite new to the movie industry, she is […]