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21 May

Flies Control

With the weather a lot warmer, you and I know that the spouse is going to go crazy about the bugs and flies – but the flies are the ones that comes into our store overnight and we don’t even know where they came from.  I found some  insect control products  online that you can […]

14 May


So what is WhatsApp?  I was asked the other day – and my answer ?  what the hell is that? yes, I didn’t know but since the spouse wanted to download it – so that she can use it with her friends from Asia.  So I did some reading up on WhatsApp and this was […]

07 May

Tea Drinking

Ever since the new cafe opened its door, the spouse is changing over from drinking coffee to tea.  But designer teas from cafe/shop are quite expensive, so the spouse found  tazo chai from cw-usa  which by the way is a lot cheaper and organic too.  She loves it and wants everyone to try it, so […]

03 May

T-Shirts For Geek’s Kids

Cute t-shirt for those geek’s kids.