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30 Jun

Funky T-Shirts

Funky and Hilarious t-shirts that I would wear.  Do you have a hard time printing or personalizing a t-shirt that would make yo8u stand out – well, here is the idea.  Pretty cool and neat eh.  I would definitely wear these t-shirts.

27 Jun


So we have the normal drums for sale at our store but now our customers want the electronic drums – and like any good businessman, I send them to where I know to get them one.  The  Electronic Drums at WWBW  are by far the most reasonable ones I’ve found on the internet and I’ve […]

24 Jun

LED Tweezers

Not for me but definitely a great present for the spouse who is always asking for help with twee zing her eyebrows because she can’t see properly.  For $9.99 at – I think the spouse might just love me more for it.

15 Jun

iPod Inspired Table

For the Apple lovers like a friend of mine in Italy, I bet he wants to own one of these since every gadget of his is from Apple.  A die hard fan for sure.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where one can get them but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to find it […]

09 Jun

TV & Stands

 We sell used games and tvs at our store and each time customer would asked if we have some   flat panel tv stands for sale  after buying the  tv from us.  We don’t have much luck hunting down a distributor but I know that they are in demand. Anyhow, when i do come into […]

05 Jun

Samsung S3 Retro Cases

These retro cases are currently going for super cheap for $5.98 only !  made of rubber as you can see in the below picture, very flexi and very durable.  They even got buttons that looks like the real retro gameboy.  You can order one from iwowcase.  Comes in many colors – so if you are […]