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25 Sep

Stream Box For Netflix & Youtube

This is not a blu – ray machine – this machine is less than $50 found in your local electronic store for streaming your Netflix and Youtube.  So instead of buying a Wii or a PS3 console to stream y our netflix to your tv, you can now buy a streaming box to do it. […]

20 Sep


The GTA V was released a few days ago and I’ve already gotten a 2nd hand copy today.  Which makes me wonder if it is that good.  Of course, I had to keep the copy for myself to check it out, which I did immediately. I’ve read that the game is supposed to be very […]

15 Sep

Black & White Plasma Freeze

The Plasma Freeze Expansion is for sale now at my store.  This is the  newest expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is in stores now, bringing more than 110 new cards to collect and play.

10 Sep

Stylus For Androids

A stylus for your androids and ipads or blackberries.  Definitely ! and at our store only $2 – now that’s cheap and effective.  I rather buy a stylus than to scratch the screen of my ipad, therefore I ordered these in for our customers at the store.  for $2 – you can’t go wrong.

03 Sep

Bad Knee

Hurt my knee a couple of months ago and although recovering well, it’s still a long way from being normal.  I couldn’t stand for too long or walk for too long until someone recommended the  knee walker scooter  .  I can either rent it or buy it, so I had a few options but thinking […]