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28 Oct

Tools Supplies

We are not a hardware store but there are some tools that I need around the store for my work and home, so I go to  for all my tools, maintenance need as well as cable and ties.  I like that I can get everything online and under one website and they have just […]

26 Oct

Previously Used Games

Previously used games are games that were played by another player and he is done with it and wants to trade in for another game or some money.  Why parents wouldn’t buy previously used games for their kids is beyond me.  Previously used games works just as well as any other games put out in […]

24 Oct

Be Wary Of Shopping On Ebay

Buyers Beware! when shopping on ebay.  Being a veteran shopper and seller at ebay, you would think that I wouldn’t be scammed or lose any money – after all ebay did promised to keep the buyers safe.  But it is not the case when I bought a retro game for $150 – received the game […]

22 Oct

Helping A Friend Move

When a friend is moving out of town, what do you do?  of course, help him if he asked you to or even if he doesn’t and reluctant to see him go, I would offer my help.  With some  lowboy trailers  , it would definitely have made things very easy but since we didn’t have […]

20 Oct

A Pillow Speaker

There is hope for guys who wants to watch a movie in bed but not disturb the spouse who wants to sleep.  A wireless soft sound speaker pillow from Brookstone.  So how does it work?  well, the wireless speaker is built into your pillow and transmit the sound directly to your ears without disturbing your […]

18 Oct

Iron Man 3 Figurines

No one can resist these Iron Man 3 figurines – been a great sale lately.  Figured we should get some at the store to sell because Iron Man 3 is out in the movies and we all love a good Iron Man movie.

15 Oct

MineCraft Xbox 360

A copy of Minecraft xbox 360 came into the store recently and since the kid is into minecraft of late – like building boxes on the internet, I figured I would bring it home and play it with her on Sundays.  Sundays are our father and daughter time – and playing games with her seems […]

10 Oct

The Internship

We watched the Internship today and it was hilarious as hell – with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, how can it not be a good movie right?   But is internship at Google really like that?  I don’t know but I know for sure that Google does feed their staff and they have all sorts of […]

04 Oct

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is so important to the spouse, she gets all cranky when she doesn’t get enough rest, so we had gone shopping for some  memory foam toppers  to help with her sleep.   So if you want to get some game time and no more nagging, make sure the spouse sleeps well and if money […]