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28 Nov

Collectible Coins

I thought about buying gifts for my nephews and kids of friends this year and decided to start something new and traditional for our family or within our friend’s circle.  Some  army challenge coins  or collectible coins for each one of them instead of things that they can easily get in town or around the […]

20 Nov

PS4 Review

Yes! We bought a PS4 and not the Xbox One and I’m quite happy with it at the moment.  What do I think of it?  well, the Blu Ray seems to run better with the PS4 and graphics for games seems better too.  As for the size, it’s quite similar to the size of the […]

10 Nov

Overloaded Wtih TV Shows

Yes! that’s the reason why I need a bigger store, unfortunately, we still can’t find one to buy yet and the spouse don’t want to move unless we own our next store. They do sell, once they are on the shelves – but shelves space are limited, so you can see why I am thinking […]