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30 Jan

Captain Phillips

Love the movie and Tom Hanks did an absolutely great portray of the real Captain Richard Phillips.  Based on a true account of the hijacking of a cargo ship – the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama.  A group of Somali pirates hijacked the cargo ship and demanded ransom for the captain after their failed attempt to […]

20 Jan

Born Of The Gods

Preparing for the per-release of the Magic The Gathering for the 1st February.   I hope the turn out is good because some gamer wants to go up to Halifax to play.  Yes, that would sux ! but what can you do, just be happy with the ones that shows up. We don’t get the Digby […]

15 Jan

Sliding Shelves

New year for the store means some new shelves that slide  properly.  We’ve always been buying used shelving from stores that had closed up or went into liquidation.  Opening and closing the shelves can be quite hard on the employees, so this year we have to purchase some new sliding shelves.  Plus, since we are […]

10 Jan

Inside A Dirty Computer

Sometimes, a customer would walk into our store and tell us they don’t know why their computer keeps shutting off or why it’s not working correctly.  Well, when you have a computer that is only 2 years old and looking this way, you bet your computer ain’t going to be working right.  And yes, we […]

05 Jan

Lone Ranger

A Disney movie and I didn’t expect to see so much gun fire and bloody scenes.  But Johnny Depp being in this movie, it was a pretty hilarious one.  Depp plays Tonto in this movie and he was actually in some sort of a circus museum and was telling a story to a small kid […]

01 Jan

Bed Riser For A Cleaner Floor

Bed, Bath and Beyond sells these for $29.99 and wants to offer this for more storage space for people with small space/rooms. But if you let my spouse sees this, all she can think of is a cleaner floor and no more dust bunnies hiding under the bed.  But if you have a bed that […]